Enterprise Solution

Large and complex enterprises are often in need of an organizational system development, for the purpose of managing enormous projects across multiple units and locations. Large-scale development has to go through a quite complicated business process, requires strong architecture, not to mention the concentration of human resources over a long period of time.

We are capable of exploring their complex structures, investing time & resources for software engineering according to a timely, orderly & productive fashion. Furthermore, guarantee of organizational system’s safety, security and high performance, which requires cooperative behavior of many of a system’s modules, is also under sufficient consideration. We can help you bridge the gaps between various applications (Application Integration) regardless of vendor choice; upgrade or migrate your current applications to keep up with the latest technologies (Application Migration); and develop applications to improve business operations (Application Development).

We have done such systems for various types of industries and various sizes of organizations; our long term customers are large enterprises worldwide such as Unilever Food, Heineken, Hyundai Thanh Cong, etc. Being an ISO certified company, we focus on the various aspects of Requirements Engineering and the basic principles of Software Development Life Cycle.

Customer Success Stories

The solution’s purpose is to increase the sales of Unilever food products by providing an effective tool that allow sales men & sales leaders to perform the selling as well as tracking the sales quota.

Hyundai Thanh Cong wants to develop a Mobile app system to increase the engagement with both Hyundai current & potential customers by offering an all-round platform where they can look for a suitable car to buy, register their membership or schedule the maintenance.

AEON Vietnam wants to develop a Loyalty mobile app system to increase the engagement with AEON consumers and encourage them to come over AEON Malls for shopping.