TVO’s EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK officially released

For the purpose of realizing “EMPLOYEE First” slogan, TVO’s Management has been working with the related parties to officialy establish and release Employee Handbook. This document has been signed by QMR/ ISMR and taken effect since 29/07/2015. This is the key to providing the big picture of TVO, helping staff to be well-informed of necessary information & enabling faster adaptations to the company’s working environment and culture.


TVO’s Employee Handbook cover page

TVO’s Employee Handbook includes key information on 4 main areas: About TVO, TVO’s rules for employees to comply with, TVO’s employee training & enablement policy & TVO’s salary & welfare policy. As usual, in the beginning, TVO’s Employee Handbook provides reader with valuable information & stories on TVO’s history of establishment & visions, products and customer’s service. There’s a saying that “A thousand-mile journey starts with a single step”, which somehow sums up the long journey of TVO. The following part focuses on human resource – related policy, including Key employees policy, Training and enablement & Promotion path, etc. If all of the above information is illustrated through detailed descriptions & diagrams, the last part dealing with project participation & information security policy seems easier for staff to remember through a lot of images & dialogues.

Handbook2Creative illustration in TVO’s Employee Handbook

As a new-comer, Android Developer Le Quoc Luan, already took this handbook into careful considerations and he also believed that, “this hand book proves to be of critical importance as for a new-comer like me. On several first days at work, I was completely in the dark about the company and other positions around me. It took just longer time to get accustomed to the working routine and everything. I think from now on, that’s no longer a matter to TVO’s new-comers, thanks to Employee Handbook.” Employee Handbook has been applied since July 29th, 2015 to all employees of TVO. Soft version of Employee Hanbook is attached to email and available on MIS server, at”QLCL” tab at the following address: We expect everyone to read Employee Handbook carefully to be well-informed of necessary information.